2017 Flathead Real Estate Market (SFR) Summary

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Well, another banner year of Flathead Real Estate activity is coming quickly to a close.  I am grateful and thankful for the growing relationships I have enjoyed with my clients and readers alike.

In my previous post, "What's available (Land < $250k; SFRs < $350k)?", I showed the reader where such available parcels were located. 

The year 2017 has been chock-full of sales of land sales, commercial sales and transactions involving Single Family Residences.

Are you interested in learning the average 2017 annual sales statistics? Well, Happy Holidays: here is my summary of this year's Single Family Residence sales, by city, for original list prices ranging between $150k and $400k. I plotted, by $25k chunks:

- Number of sales
- Average duration (active on market/MLS) until under contract
- Average duration between contract and closing

I am also sharing additional insights, plotting within each of these pricing chunks:

- Average original list price
- Average sold price
- Average original list price per square foot
- Average sold price per square foot
- Hi and Lo range of sold price

Granted, I did filter my findings to SFR's with 1+ bedrooms, 1+ bathrooms and 700+ square feet. If you retain my professional Realtor® services as your listing or buyer agent, I provide the most detailed, comprehensive and specific market research, comparables and pricings -- even for off-market properties -- tailored precisely to your range of wants and needs.

SavedCharts - Kalispell Dec 16-17 150-400k_Page_2

SavedCharts - Kalispell Dec 16-17 150-400k_Page_1

SavedCharts - Whitefish Dec 16-17 150-400k_Page_2

SavedCharts - Whitefish Dec 16-17 150-400k_Page_1

SavedCharts - CFalls Dec 16-17 150-400k_Page_2

SavedCharts - CFalls Dec 16-17 150-400k_Page_1

SavedCharts - Bigfork Dec 16-17 150-400k_Page_2

SavedCharts - Bigfork Dec 16-17 150-400k_Page_1

SavedCharts - Lakeside Dec 16-17 150-400k_Page_2

SavedCharts - Lakeside Dec 16-17 150-400k_Page_1

SavedCharts - Polson Dec 16-17 150-400k_Page_2

SavedCharts - Polson Dec 16-17 150-400k_Page_1

Buying, selling or investing? I can help you find the perfect property, even if it's off market. Nobody knows the market like I do, and nobody else has my research team and systems.

Please contact me for more information about retaining my professional services in pricing and listing your property, or in searching/analyzing the market comprehensively.

Please also contact me for more information on licensing my charts for your use, or to discuss my custom data research, analysis and map / graphics design services personalized to your specific needs.

Happy Holidays!