Flathead High-end Real Estate Market Analysis

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After performing my monthly broad market analyses, covering the Flathead County, I confirm the following market sales quantities:







For once, I  thought I'd drill into the high-end real estate market activity, across Flathead County. I focused upon single family residences, historically sold or actively listed, at prices ranging from $1M to $5M. There are presently 204 of these properties actively listed within Flathead County. Here are their locations:

High-End Active August 2017





























I went all the way back to 2010, performing annual market analyses for every year since. Here are the sales quantities, plus average market and contract durations:

1-5M Sales 2010_Counts



















1-5M Sales 2011_Counts

1-5M Sales 2012_Counts

1-5M Sales 2013_Counts

1-5M Sales 2014_Counts

1-5M Sales 2015_Counts

1-5M Sales 2016_Counts

1-5M Sales 2017_Counts

Here are the sales details: average list and sale price per square foot, average list and sale price, ranges of high/low list price per block:

1-5M Sales 2010_Details

1-5M Sales 2011_Details

1-5M Sales 2012_Details

1-5M Sales 2013_Details

1-5M Sales 2014_Details

1-5M Sales 2015_Details

1-5M Sales 2016_Details

1-5M Sales 2017_Details