Home sales around Flathead County, past 5 years

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In my previous post, "Cost, and location, of available homes, around Flathead County?", I displayed maps of presently-available homes by price range, showing the reader the location of each batch (and the count available in each strata).

In the short time since that post was published, I have received many requests for a similar depiction of the costs and locations of past home sales. So, I am showing them below, as requested for the past five (5) years of transactions (by year, then combined).

Here is an empty base map, showcasing the water bodies and roadways:

Flathead County No Years Sales

This first map shows the home sales for two (2) years: 4 and 5 years ago. Further below are individual annual activity maps (past3yr means annual activity 3 years ago, past2yr means 2 years ago, and pastyr means over the past year).

Flathead County 4-5 Years Ago Sales

Flathead County 3 Years Ago Sales

Flathead County 2 Years Ago Sales

Flathead County Past Year Sales

Below are the combined maps, showing all activity for the past five (5) years:

Flathead County Past 5 Years Sales

Below is the same as above, with depictions of public (darker green) and managed timber (light green) lands:

Flathead County Past 5 Years Sales (with public)

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